Paranoias welcomes submissions in the subjects of art, advertising, architecture, interior design, industrial design, design, fashion, gadgets, music, painting, photography, technology, video, visual motion and animation and everything else with a strong and beautiful visual component.

How to submit content to Paranoias

Send a email to [email protected] with a basic description of your work and please attach a few relevant images sized at 800px wide or much larger. File size is not an issue. Also don’t forget to include links for your website and social media sites if available. As Paranoias cares about visual beauty, please submit the attachment images with the higher resolution size as possible and no dirt (watermarks, etc).

  • Title of your work, project, series or your name
  • Description of your work/series/project
  • Photo attachments (high resolution)
  • Youtube/Vimeo links in case of videos (also include some stills)
  • Links for your website and/or social media

Every submission is carefully considered, though due to volume we are unable to respond personally. Submissions can be sent to [email protected].
Please DO NOT subscribe this email address to your press list.