Azores, journey through the paradise lost

Azores, journey through the paradise lost

“Azores, journey through the paradise lost” is a gorgeous long exposure series of captures by Arnaud Bathiard that showcase my homeland in such a beautiful way and it’s such a pleasure to feature here at Paranoias. Check the full series with descriptions of each photo here.

Many are unaware of the existence of the Azores, this archipelago scattered in the Atlantic. At most, the commoner of mortals has heard of the famous anticyclone which forms there. The photographers have not yet explored the possibilities offered by these volcanic islands with their cut-out ribs and their high peaks. The Azores have not yet been damaged by mass tourism. And may it remains so.

Born in Burgundy, France, in 1973. Self- taught photographer, Arnaud started to take pictures at the age of 40. His love for seascapes quickly led me to becoming interested in the technique of long exposure, which he developed over the past four years during his many trips (Sweden, Norway, Scotland, Brittany, Spain, Portugal, Azores, Switzerland, Venezia, etc). Arnaud’s works have been exhibited in various places, including Bangkok and Venice.

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