Smart Rope by Tangram Factory

This is the kind of gadgets that I would imagine somewhere more in the future but it looks it’s already available. “Smart Rope is an LED-embedded jump rope that communicates with your smart phone. This is the first active fitness wearable for the Smart Gym platform, designed around the user experience to incorporate active workout data. Rather than simply monitoring movement like most passive wearables, the Smart Rope incorporates the real, natural motion of jumping rope to accurately count jumps, track and recommend workout interval sessions, and calculate calories burned based on your body mass index (BMI).” It’s not only a futuristic and well designed product but it’s the kind of gadgets that can push your motivation.

The product is available to order from Amazon. The reviews don’t look as great as I would imagine as they may be some flaws with this kind of high tech gadgets, as leds may stop function after some weeks or things like that.

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