Bassam Allam Photography

Bassam Allam Photography

Born in Cairo, Egypt we bring you the photography captures by Bassam Allam currently based in Germany with special focus on portraits and fashion photography as can checked be by our small selection of beautiful works. His full portfolio is available at his website.

He started his journey through photography in Cairo, where he taught himself photography, and learned to overcome the challenging circumstances in Egypt. This experience equipped him with the skills to be very independent of his surroundings and creative with whatever resources are available to him.
In 2011, a few months after the Egyptian revolution, he moved to Munich, Germany to start his master studies in Sustainable Architecture at the Technical University In Munich, which he successfully completed.

He is known for his iconic, surreal style, which uses photography as a medium to blur the lines between dreams and reality, sparkling the viewer’s imagination, and unveil a mind enriching mystery world. Bassam Allam’s Mystery theater is his on going project through which he directs his surreal vision of our world. The project is shot between Germany and Egypt. In this project, He unveils mysteries in our simple surroundings and everyday imagery, by infusing mundane objects, body forms and often himself in unusual contexts and juxtapositions. The mystery theater aims to challenge the human perception of reality.

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