DSLRUOK? by Dustin Brown

DSLRUOK? by Dustin Brown

Minimal and beautiful conceptual product design for DSLR and mirrorless cameras by Microsoft industrial and product designer Dustin Brown. “DSLRs are the “high end” tools of amateur and professional photographers. While many believe their form factor is the perfect product of decades of refinement in ergonomics and function, it also means it might be stuck in the past. The way people are using these cameras has changed. A modern DSLR or mirrorless camera is not only used for still photography, but also used for video and film production and an entire ecosystem of accessories has emerged to augment the emerging fundamental flaws of its architecture. This is a brief exploration of what is possible when we part with tradition and design a system around these new realities.”

I am a designer+creative director with 15 years of experience in creating products and experiences that communicate clearly and connect emotionally. My design education focused on research based processes that informed user-centered design thinking. That sensitivity to user needs has remained an emphasis throughout my career, but is now merged with the intuition, experience, and technical know-how that can only come from years of active design work and leadership.

“My goal was to provoke thought and encourage change in a product category that I personally love, but that also irritates me through its resistance to change. I thought I’d blast through this exploration in a week or two, but I came back and revisited it over several months because the design challenges and tradeoffs are so interconnected and subtle. Truthfully, the DSLR/mirrorless/body+lens form factor is great at a lot of things (stability during still photography, for instance). Holding onto these strengths while embracing the future is no small task. I’m looking forward to seeing what camera makers can really do, however, when they finally decide to acknowledge how people are now using these types of cameras.”

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