OH BOY! – Radio (Apple Jelly Cover)

A little bit later but better late then never, another great music video by OH BOY!, the second we publish here at Visualcookies. Six months after the release of their first EP “The Fall,” OH BOY! steps back from of dark pop sounds and reveals the disco track “Radio”. Produced by the duo, the video music is a tribute to the Euro 84 and Les Bleus of their childhood.

Proponent of 4-4-2, they still wear synthetic jerseys and still cry every July 8th (Remember France RFA!!!). If Benn still think Bernard Genghini is still playing, SLip suffered the transformation of soccer from sport to spectacle. They argue both for a sustainable and joyful football and hope to impose their Radio to the peak of their dream XI.

OH BOY!’s “Radio” is a solar title, evoke the recklessness years throughout a trip in the middle of a football match revised and corrected by the madness of OH BOY! and its pixels.

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